Friday, 29 June 2007

Natalie-B H1074 at Phd, June 2007.


Jan said...

Do you know the history of this Vessel? Greetings from Scheveningen, Holland.

Alan Smillie said...

Hi Jan,

Only history i know of this vessel at the moment is she was built in 1967 in the Netherlands. If you find any info i would be interested.

Regards, Alan.

Jan said...

I've asked some people here if they know some more information about this vessel, but it's still quit.

Jan said...


Build 1967 as GO7 "Klaasje"
1974 OD7 "Twee gebroeders"
1981 to Ireland D141
1992 BA238 "Natalie B"
2001 H1074

Thanks to Demarico